So here it is, my first project on this blog. A few years ago I got this Colibri T20 embedded computer for 20 €. It’s a small device created by Toradex. It has 1 GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 20 processor, 256 MB of RAM. The module mounts on an Iris carrier board, an extension with DVI, Ethernet, two USB and audio port. The preloaded OS is WinCE, but you can flash it to Linux Ångström, by following the instructions on their site.

Colibri T20 on Iris carrier board
Colibri T20 on Iris carrier board

I decided to use my old 750 GB disk from my laptop for main storage device, so I connected it with SATA-USB converter from an old portable disk.

750 GB HDD on SATA - USB adapter
750 GB HDD on SATA-USB adapter

When the flashing was done I installed SSH server for remote console access, Samba for remote file management. Then, I installed Lighttpd server with PHP5 following linked tutorial and finally MySQL server. At the end I also made a boot script for starting Samba and Lighttpd so there is no human interaction needed. When the power supply if plugged in the board automatically starts, boots and runs all necessary services.

So the next thing on my todo list will be a box for the disk drive and Colibri. I may also add an USB hub because Iris board has only one port available for hosting other devices.

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